“THE BIG SHOW” in the Du part 1

Whew!  What a past 4 days.  I just walked through my front door about 2 hours ago.  So many things going through my mind at the moment so, I will just start this story and give you all a little teaser.

Well, My fishing partner Joe Peddy and I headed to Camp Dularge in Houma, Louisiana to qualify (our second shot) for the 2012 HT Redfish Series.  We arrived and the wind god decided to crank it up a bit.  The wind must have been blowing 30mph.  It was a stiff wind and we braved the storm only to quickly realize, the  boat needed to be back on the trailer.  Our pre-fishing was cut short and we ended up back at our new home for the next 4 days, Camp Dularge.  There wasn’t much to do about the fishing so we looked at maps and decided what we would do in the morning for our only full day to pre-fish for this shot at chasing the dream………

We wake up and are really anxious to get on the water and go check on a few spots.  We decided to trailer the boat and launch closer to where we would be fishing.  We turned a 30 minute drive into almost and hour.  We took a few wrong turns, and had to detour around a few broken bridges before arriving at the marina.  We launch the boat arrive at our first spot in no time and start catching tournament quality redfish.  I lost count of how many great fish we caught, but I can honestly say….”I have never caught so many heavy tournament redfish, in my life”.  They were all “toads” or ” Miss Piggie and Porky Pig” as Joe and I nicknamed them.  We worked a grass shoreline in about 2 feet of water throwing everything we had at these hungry fish.  These fish would eat just about anything we threw, but we flat wore them out on a popping cork and gulp!  Our first day of fishing in Louisiana and we had over 16 pounds with 2 quality fish.  The fishing was on fire!!!!!!! We boated 30+ redfish from 26″-28″.  It seemed every shoreline was thick with good tournament quality redfish.  We felt pretty good about our day and decided to put the boat back on the trailer and head to the captains meeting.

Stay tuned for Day 1 action.

cast til your arms fall off,

Rob Schumske

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2 comments on ““THE BIG SHOW” in the Du part 1

  1. Great teaser!! Can’t wait to read the Day 1 action (even though I might already know it by heart!!)! It was really great meeting all of you and having you and Joe down at Camp Dularge! BW

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