What should I have in my tackle box?

If you are like many anglers up and down the Texas coast, you probably spend many hours hovering over the rather large selection of baits to choose from at your local retailer.  As you hover, a guy that looks like a fisherman walks down the aisle and grabs a few bags of TTF’s Hackberry Hustlers in morning glory and before you know it, he’s gone.  Leaving you standing and scratching your head wondering what to buy.  Have no fear, Tournament Redfisher is here!!!!  Though, I can not tell you what to buy, I can tell you what I would buy if I had to do it all over again.  Here’s a list of the tackle I use most often fishing the bays along the Texas coast and always have in my tackle box…..

  1. Saltwater Assassin jig heads 1/8ozwith a Chartreuse head
  2. Bomber’s Paradise Popper popping cork
  3. P-Line 20lb Fluorocarbon leader material
  4. Couple bags of Hackberry Hustlers (morning glory)
  5. Couple bags of Bass Assassin 4″ sea shad (morning glory and chicken on a chain)
  6. Berkley Gulp! 3 inch shrimp (white and new penny)
  7. Rapala Skitterwalk (redfish pattern)
  8. H&H safety pin style spinning blade

Good Ole Skitties

I mainly fish for redfish, but sometimes my appetite wants me to catch a flounder to take home to momma. The big three (reds, trout, and flounder) can be tricked into biting all of the lures listed above.
I have three rods rigged up with an assortment of goodies to offer the fish:

Pole 1- jighead and soft plastic

Pole 2- Popping cork with Gulp! shrimp

Pole 3- Skitterwalk

Do you need to have the latest and greatest bait that hits the market? Sometimes. It doesn’t hurt to try new things, but you’re gonna catch more fish if you have the confidence in what you’re throwing.  Over the years I have accumulated tons of tackle, but it seems I’m always reloading the list of 8.

Go fishing and fish often, its good for the soul

cast til your arms fall off,


4 comments on “What should I have in my tackle box?

  1. Replace the sea shads w/TTF Flats minnows and you box sounds exactly like mine!

    What do you do w/the H&H spinning blade?

    • I use the H&H style spinning blade with a 1/8 jighead. I either bump it off the bottom, or cast and reel it in. I try and let the blades do the magic! Thanks for reading.

  2. Oh ok so a spinnerbait is what your talking about. Thought it was some other contraption i’d never heard of! lol
    Love spinners for reds!
    Tight lines to ya!

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